The cover of Jean Selig's book Neverland, CO Neverland, CO, a modern fairytale for young adults of all ages, by Jean Selig, is now available through I did the cover and graphics.

“On the mountaintop they were all free to do things when they wished.
There was no schedule, no time.
Every so often they would stay up all night just because.“

The moral of this story is to stay away from mountaintops unless you believe in magic. Most people stay away from summits out of good old-fashioned common sense. This is as it is meant to be. Where else can magic reside undisturbed?

a link to information about the book 'Crying Boy' and Anne's illustrations for it. The Crying Boy:  an American Pure Land Tale by Victoria Garrison is available as a paperback at

My illustrations for the book are here.

This is a utopian tale where the hero saves the world. He brings breakthrough technology to his consensus-based org with help from an ally from the future. Appearances of paranormal beings become common, and under this benevolent influence, basic goodness becomes the way of the world, where energy is produced abundantly by living buildings.

a link to information about Thomas K. Simpson's book about Lewis Carroll and Anne's illustrations for it. This book and the following were done with Thomas K. Simpson

Lewis Carroll Meets the Imaginary Number
Early in his life Lewis Carroll was given a curious math problem. It was a simple equation, but it had no solutions in the world of real numbers. All its solutions, but zero, were imaginary! He looked in vain for a way to see them but couldn’t find one. We can!
In this book, we enter the world of four dimensions and produce the very graph Lewis Carroll was looking for.

Available for both iBooks and Kindle.

a link to information about Thomas K. Simpson's book about Maxwell and the Elecetromagnetic Field, and Anne's illustrations for it. Maxwell on the Electromagnetic Field: A Guided Study
This volume reproduces major portions of James Clerk Maxwell's mathematical physics papers, written as he grappled with his formulation of the theory of the electromagnetic field. A biographical introduction places the work in personal, historical and scientific context.

The book is available here.